FIELD NOTES ™️ – Grampians’ Discovery Set


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Presenting a series of Grampians’ scents. A culmination of 16 years of observations, field notes and scent seeking in the Grampians mountains. From north to south, east to west. Moments in time and the beauty of seasonal patterns captured in scent.



Soaring cliffs, bright and clear ignited by the bluest skies. The air is filled with the smell of honey from the flowers of the scented paperbark trees.

Key notes: Honey Myrtle, Rose Myrtle & Blue Mallee Eucalyptus

hints of: Bergamot & Sweetpea



The first rain on the dry earth. Sap from the forest flows to the ground filling the air with a resinous accord. Cool & crisp feeling hits your skin and the campfire haze abounds.

Key notes: Aust Cypress Wood, Palmarosa, Pine

hints of: Musk & Cardamom



Experience the scent of Winter in the Grampians. Exploring enchanted forest wonderlands; moss anchored to rocks along flowing creeks; lichen covered trees. Winter paradise as the rain awakens the life beneath the soil.

Key notes: Tasmanian Native Pepper, Sandalwood, Sage

hints of: Guaiacwood, Oakmoss & Amber



A delightful collection of notes depicting Spring in the mountains. A landscape bursting with wildflowers, invigorating fresh accords and green fields afar.

Key notes: Wattle, Balm mint Bush, Lemon-scented gum

hints of: Lime & Green Ivy


4 x 10ml Eau de Parfums

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