Welcome to the magical wonderland of scent design.
I want to offer this to you, this truly incredible experience that will elevate your brand, and create a deep emotion in your space.


1. I would love to understand the scope + scale of your project.
2. When you have purchased your Scent Design, we can officially start working together.
3. Let’s chat so I can design your Scent Brief + deeply understand all of your brand.
4. I can begin formulation + translate your House Story/Brand into a scent. When ready, you will be presented with 5 sample submissions for approval.
We allow 2 x modifications.
5. Once complete, you will be provided with an 100ml bottle of your signature perfume + 2 beautiful images to use in your marketing if you wish.


You have access to Wholesale perfume made in your scent at a wholesale price in the future for personal use or giving you an ability to sell retail from your Airbnb/Store.


(just a few) TESTIMONIALS

“Such a fantastic process and stunning fragrance” – Sandie

Wow, wow, wow. Absolutely love your words and those images couldn’t be more perfect. Thank you so much for going above and beyond, I could not be happier with the final creation. I can’t wait to share this…” – Kel

I have loved every minute, every vial, every note, every moment of this incredible experience. And I feel like it will last forever with a scent that is just for my place. Thank you for making my place at the beach so special and unique. ” – Amy


Intake dates: 

Opening 8/10/21 if not sold out to waitlist prior. The scent development process can take anywhere between 8 weeks to 6 months depending on the scope of the project, so if you want to get started, jump in as soon as you can!


(Please note that we are unable to work alongside other scent, soap, candle businesses in order to protect our IP. )


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