Welcome to the magical wonderland of scent design.
I want to offer this to you, this truly bespoke experience that will elevate your brand, and create a deep emotion in your space.

So, are you in?

1. I would love to understand the scope + scale of your project so email me your ideas.
2. When you have purchased your Scent Design, we can officially start working together.
3. Let’s chat so I can design your Scent Brief + deeply understand all of your brand.
4. I can begin formulation + translate your House Story into a scent. When ready, you will be presented with 5 sample submissions for approval.
We allow 2 x modifications.
5. Once complete, you will be provided with an 100ml bottle of your signature perfume + 2 beautiful images to use in your marketing if you wish.


You have access to Wholesale perfume made in your scent at a wholesale price in the future for personal use or giving you an ability to sell retail from your Airbnb/Store.

The scent development process can take anywhere between 4-8 weeks (this includes postage time.

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