Signature Scent Design

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A Signature Scent, one designed for your Hosted Home, your Brand or your Store, is the most brilliant way to develop an emotional connection with your guests & customers. Something entirely special, unique and that will elevate your place above others.

Giving you access to your own personal in-house Perfumer, something historically reserved for international luxury hotels, is now available to you.

Amanda will learn about your brand and the most special parts of your hosted home and work closely with you to bring forward the parts that make you unique and how these will translate into scent.

With a library of hundreds upon hundreds of botanical extracts, your in-house Perfumer will get to work researching, gathering ingredients from all over the world, and constructing your first batch of trial scents. Providing Perfumer directional notes along the way, we go back and forth until we hit perfection (we allow 2 extra modifications – but we find these are rarely needed).

For all the ways that this will benefit yourself and your hosted home read the description below…. And this is just the beginning of the magic it will bring you…..

To discover this experience, understand the journey and read the terms and conditions, these are also included in the description below.

Secure your spot now – next intake begins 6th March 2023. This intake is limited to 10 hosted homes/brands.

I agree to the terms & conditions outlined below

Please agree to the following terms & conditions, prior to purchase:

  • Scent Design must be completed within 6 months of signing up.
  • We allow 2 modifications relating to the scent design (anything further to this will be charged at $100 per amendment)
  • We allow 2 amendments relating to the graphic design work (anything further to this will be charged at the rate decided by the graphic designer)
  • Printing of your labels is not included in this package.
  • Design work is for our current range only limited to Eau de Parfum 10ml, 30ml and 100ml, Bath Soak, Cleanse Bars, Candles, Oil Burner Ritual, Roll-on Perfume
  • Due to IP concerns, we do not work with other scent/soap/candle brands.



01. Discovering your story

I love learning about your Brand and the most special parts of your Hosted Home, and from this, taking all the special elements and translating this into an aroma. We dive into what you love, and so much more.

02. Design & Creation

Working with some the most elaborate and beautiful scent notes from all over the world, Amanda combines her knowledge of plant chemical compounds, with your brand story to design and then create scent vials for consideration.

03. Finding perfection

Providing Perfumer’s directional notes along the way, we work closely together and go back-and-forth until we hit perfection. (we allow 2 extra modifications)

04. Final Scent

We want to make sure you love, cherish and use your new Signature Scent and it is everything you dreamed it to be. You are gifted:

  • Access to your own personal in-house Perfumer
  • our own Signature Scent designed uniquely for your hosted home/brand
  • You receive a 100ml Eau de Parfum in your Signature Scent to use in-house
  • A scent story to assist you in communicating this to your guests
  • Beautiful imagery for you to use
  • Access to wholesale rates making it a more affordable option rather than off-the-shelf purchases
  • The ability for it to be made into a variety of other products to use in-house (for a full list, refer to our Wholesale Preview)
  • Increase your revenue per stay by on-selling this to your guests through our existing website or in-house (you will get the collateral you need for this)
  • 50 x complimentary vials of scent to assist you in increasing your revenue
  • ‘How to Scent’ Guide (coming soon)


“Such a fantastic process and stunning fragrance” – Sandie

“Wow, wow, wow. Absolutely love your words and those images couldn’t be more perfect. Thank you so much for going above and beyond, I could not be happier with the final creation. I can’t wait to share this…” – Kel

“I have loved every minute, every vial, every note, every moment of this incredible experience. And I feel like it will last forever with a scent that is just for my place. Thank you for making my place at the beach so special and unique. ” – Amy

About your Perfumer

Amanda is a Perfumer by trade. Her scents have found homes far and wide around Australia as well as being featured in publications here and overseas. She lives on the most southern tip of South Australia and works from her recently renovated studio, the oldest building in the area. To find out more, you can find her

Next Scent Design intake

Secure your spot now – next intake begins 6th March 2023. This intake is limited to 10 hosted homes/brands.

Terms and Conditions

All intellectual property remains the property of Amanda Stevens trading as ‘Rewild Co’. This information is not to be distributed, copied or used for any other purpose than that of personal use.

The Scent Design process will commence from the date of payment, with the expiry six months from then.

Due to the nature of this service, we are not able to offer refunds or exchanges. We are unable to work with other perfumery brands, candle or soap manufacturers due to the fragility of our IP. Thank you for your understanding.

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