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A Signature Scent, one designed for your Hosted Home, your Brand or your Store, is the most brilliant way to develop an emotional connection with your guests & customers. Something entirely special, unique and that will elevate your place above others. 

And this is just the beginning of the magic it will bring you…..



01. Discovering your story

I love learning about your Brand and the most special parts of your Hosted Home, and from this, taking all the special elements and translating this into an aroma. We dive into what you love, and so much more.

02. Design & Creation

Working with some the most elaborate and beautiful scent notes from all over the world, Amanda combines her knowledge of plant chemical compounds, with your brand story to design and then create scent vials for consideration.

03. Finding perfection

Providing Perfumer’s directional notes along the way, we work closely together and go back-and-forth until we hit perfection. (we allow 2 extra modifications)

04. Final Scent

We want to make sure you love, cherish and use your new Signature Scent and it is everything you dreamed it to be. You are gifted:

~ 100ml Eau de Parfum in your Signature Scent to use in-house

~ A Story about your scent and imagery (so you are able to tell the tale to your guests/customers and list on your online Store/website)

~ ‘How to scent’ guide

~ Wholesale access (to access wholesale prices, to create more revenue by on-selling & ability to turn your Signature scent into other products)



(just a few) TESTIMONIALS

“Such a fantastic process and stunning fragrance” – Sandie

Wow, wow, wow. Absolutely love your words and those images couldn’t be more perfect. Thank you so much for going above and beyond, I could not be happier with the final creation. I can’t wait to share this…” – Kel

I have loved every minute, every vial, every note, every moment of this incredible experience. And I feel like it will last forever with a scent that is just for my place. Thank you for making my place at the beach so special and unique. ” – Amy


About your Perfumer:

Amanda is a Perfumer by trade. Her scents have found homes far and wide around Australia as well as being featured in publications here and overseas. She lives on the most southern tip of South Australia and works from her recently renovated studio, the oldest building in the area. To find out more, you can find her


Next Scent Design intake:

31/05/22 – Please email to join our waitlist + you will be the first to be notified.



What is the first step?

A signature scent was something only ever available to luxury international hotels, and the first step is knowing that you are about to have this too! The word is out and every time we release a batch of Scent Design spots, they get filled. Always to our waitlist first. So add your name to our waitlist by emailing: You will know first, and have a spot guaranteed.


Who is Scent Design best for? 

Who wouldn’t want their own Signature Scent. Apart from this, it is perfect for anyone that has a Hosted Home, a Cabin in the woods, a Shack at the Beach or hires out their caravan on weekends – it will make yours different (and better) than the rest. Plus it can give you extra revenue on top of your hosting fees. AND if you own a clothing Brand or a store in the hills, this is perfect for you too. Offer customers a signature experience in-store or online – eliminating web rooming and creating a point-of-difference.


When can I start? 

We have intakes 2-3 times a year and will always put out next intake date online. Putting your name on our waitlist, is the best way to get started as soon as possible.


I’m scared I won’t like my scent. Will you help me? 

By working closely with you on this, it is a slow, staged approach to designing a scent. We go through multiple scents, multiple batches, lots of testing and lots of directional notes along the way – it is so much fun too. Every single person has completely ADORED their final scent.


I use store-bought Candles to scent my Hosted Home. What is the difference? 

I love this question and thought it was important to include. Store-bought Candles can be bought by anyone and used anywhere. When your guest smells that aroma theyve experienced before, it will mentally take them somewhere else. A signature scent will remind them solely of YOUR HOME, and your Brand. It is a concoction of between 30-60 scent notes that combine to create an entirely new aroma they will forever associate with your place.

Plus we offer Wholesale rates for you, and the ability to on-sell your scent/candles/bath soak/room spray to your guests. Creating another revenue stream.


Beautiful photo taken at Poet’s Lodge in Daylesford by Lara Hotz Photography for The Hosting Masterclass

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