Scent Design

A perfumer by trade, I spend my days mixing, blending, testing and creating. But more importantly, I love creating something that speaks to the individual, their spirit + their heart.

Having established a successful line of Eau de Parfums, I was constantly being approached by clients to create a signature scent just for them… and then businesses, to make something unique to their brand. Scent is captivating and has the ability to not only tell a story but to create memories. And so grew, this Scent Design….

It could be something as simple as creating a Perfume for your personal use, Cleanse Bars for your Airbnb or a line of body oils, perfumes, bars and candles for your business.

If you would love to create a signature scent for your House Story/Business Branding, I would love to understand the scope + scale of your project please email :

Beautiful photo taken at Poet’s Lodge in Daylesford by Lara Hotz Photography for The Hosting Masterclass

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