Scent Design

A Signature Scent, one designed for your hosted home, your brand or your store, is the most brilliant way to develop an emotional connection with your guests and customers.

A unique and indistinguishable aroma to elevate your place above others. And this is just the beginning of the magic it will bring you.

In the past, Scent Design was only ever for the luxury international hotels, with their scents designed in French Perfumery Houses. Principle Perfumer, Amanda has over 20 years experience in scent (having undertaken training and worked for international cosmetic companies) and wanted to change this.

She felt that scent should be accessible to hosted homes that wanted to create a unique and memorable stay. To be able to tell their story through scent. To be able to create a memory of their place with their guest. To be able to have something that was just theirs and belonged to no one else.

How your guest experiences scent

Smells are handled by the olfactory bulb and often go straight to the limbic system, the part of the brain associated with memory and emotion. Creating a complex Signature Scent with around 30-60 indistinguishable individual notes that are less likely to have been experienced before, gives the opportunity to create a new memory.


Your Scent design journey looks like this….

1. Discovering your story

Amanda will learn about your brand, and the most special parts of your hosted home. We work closely together to bring forward the parts that make you unique and how these will translate to scent.

2. Design and creation

With a library of hundreds upon hundreds of botanical extracts, Amanda will get to work researching, gathering any ingredients she needs but does not currently have, and then it is onto constructing the first batch of scents ready for your consideration.

3. Finding perfection

We provide Perfumer’s directional notes, a series of videos and the ability to contact Amanda along the way, as we go back and forth until we hit perfection. (We allow 2 extra modifications – but we rarely find these are needed).

4. Final scent

You are gifted with:

  • 100ml Eau de Parfum in your Signature Scent to use in-house
  • Story about your scent and imagery (so you are able to tell the tale to your guests or customers and to list online)
  • Our ‘How to scent guide’
  • Wholesale access (to access wholesale prices)
  • Access to a range of products in your Signature scent

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