Scent Design FAQs

What is scent design?

It is the design and creation of your signature scent for your hosted home, brand or self. A powerful way to capture your uniqueness and translate that into a scent, to tell your story and strengthen your brand.

It is the creation of a formula and products that resides only with you.

Who is Scent Design best suited to?

For those who have a hosted home and want it to be the very best.

  • To stand out from the others.
  • To have their guests in awe from the moment they walk in.
  • To have an emotional connection with their guests.
  • To have a scent linked to their brand that is only theirs.
  • To create memories for their guests.

For those who are passionately creative and have a studio or business.

  • To fill their space with a scent they helped to create.
  • To align with who they are.

For those who own a store and want to create in-house products.

  • A line of products with their own business name on them.
  • For those that have online stores and those who have a physical store.

It doesn’t matter whether you love a heady floral scent, a crisp aquatic or something reminiscent of your time in Morocco, my perfume library is extensive with hundreds upon hundreds of tinctures and anything I do not have, I source.

I am really nervous that I don’t know much about scent. Can I still do this?

I get to work with the greatest people. Always highly creative, they have this desire – hunger to make their brand the very best it can be. And every single one of them doesn’t know a single thing or very little about scent. My job as your Perfumer is to create and design this for you and to consult you throughout the entire process. I also provide videos in Scent Lessons as reference points and am here to help you at any point. By working closely with you on this, it is a slow staged approach to designing a scent. We go through multiple scents, multiple batches, lots of testing and lots of directional notes along the way.

I live on the other side of Australia, can I still have you to design a scent for my hosted home?

My dream was to make scent design available to you anywhere in Australia -no matter if you are in a city or so rural that you know the postie by name…
And I can do that from here, in my Studio.

I have a Lavender farm, can you make me something Lavender? Do scents need to be layered/complex?

This is a question I get asked a lot. You want your scent to reflect where you are, yes. But a Signature scent should be a reflection of your entire story through a combination of many botanical ingredients that all work together. For example, just burning lavender (which is a universal aroma – available everywhere), you are not creating a memory for your guests of YOUR place.

More complex, layered scents are of a higher quality than those of a single or a few notes. A complex scent will last longer and go through many stages during it’s dry down which contributes to how your guests will feel. Plus the complex scent is uniquely yours – no one else in the world has it.

Is scent design just for hosted homes?

Scent design is perfect for hosted homes but there has been a growing number of textile designers, shopkeepers, yoga studios, artists and more creating one for their studio or their store.

This is for everyone that has a story to tell. A scent is a chapter of that Story. I am here to help you weave this into your place or your guest’s experience.

When is the best time to start?

Once you have your story or brand then you are ready to start. You don’t even need to have your hosted home built or renovated yet. The entire scent design process can take anywhere between 8 weeks to 6 months, so the sooner, the better. We only open Scent Design 2 to 3 times per year. This gives us the ability to work closely with each hosted home. To enrol or join our waitlist, click here. (Hyperlink to enrol /waitlist)

What is the process?

The scent design process is detailed here….

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, we have just added a payment plan option for Scent Design with fortnightly payments over 8 weeks.

Once I complete Scent Design, how can my scent be used?

Once we have created your Signature Scent, we send you details on how to best use your scent in your space, and all the different products your scent can be made into. Ranging from Room Sprays, to incense and candles, to Cleanse Bars, body wash and bath salts (and more on the way). These are all available to you at wholesale rates and we offer complimentary products for photoshoots of your hosted home with professional photographers as well as  labelling all the scents with your hosted home’s name. Scent Design is about weaving your signature scent throughout your property and elevating the experience entirely. And we are here to help you do this.

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