• A World of Interiors – The Wild Shores of Whale Song Shack

    Whale Song Shack, captured by Rachel Claire                            Ingrid is the driving artistic force behind the famous Tasmanian hideaway, Whale Song Shack. It’s rise in popularity is testament to Ingrid’s design work, storytelling and her ability to forever see the world through the …

  • A World of Art – our Spring & Summer in-house artist – Megan Cochran

    Our muse for Spring & Summer, Megan Cochran.                            I heard this once, and it struck a chord "transform yourself into that wonderful person you always wanted to meet - you be that wonderful person - don't search for that." I want these [...] More
  • A World of Art – our Winter in-house artist – Lean Timms

    I have only known Lean and her work for the last couple of years, but she’s one of those people you wish was your childhood friend. But in true ‘Lean style’ she treats you like one regardless of how little or much of life you have experienced together.

    The most captivating thing about Lean is her ability to live in abundance. She isn’t someone who lives in fear, and you can feel this magnetic energy from her consistently.

  • A World of Perfumery – Creating ‘Eden at Night’: with in-house perfumer, Amanda Stevens

    Sometimes you find yourself standing on the edge of a deep, dark forest. Do you enter?

    Someone once told me that if you are brave enough to level up, and enter into something that would allow you to grow, you should. The deep, dark forest is that. Standing in the open field feels safe, familiar and common. Looking into the forest, the journey in seems uncertain, unforgiving and filled with danger. So you pull up your socks, secure your backpack and you breathe deeply. In you go…..

  • A World of Interiors – with Clare Hillier of Camillo House

    When Clare Hillier, the talent behind Camillo House, contacted me to design a bespoke scent for this Blairgowrie, oceanfront property, it was a clear ‘yes’ from me. There is nothing quite like it. Anywhere.  It’s cool aesthetic has helped it land in media platforms such as The Design Files and Broadsheet Melbourne, just to name a …

  • A World of Art – with our Autumn in-house artist, Emma Read

    Emma Read is one half of Read & Hall, the dynamic sisters of everything interiors, styling and hosting. She is also our in-house artist , for our Autumn Collection.

  • A World of Perfumery – The story of ‘One’: with in-house perfumer, Amanda Stevens

    ‘One’ was released at a time when it felt like everyone around me was going through something really big.

    I am thrilled to share with you, behind-the-perfumery door and how ‘One’ was born.

  • A World of Art – with our Summer in-house artist, Monique Fedor

    If you are floating along our frequency, you will have stumbled across Monique Fedor’s paintings at some point. Greeting the world as a ‘night time painter’, her work is part poetic, part other-worldly, but mostly just inspirational. I sat down with Monique recently to ask all the important questions in life.

  • The making of the new Spring ‘Solace’ scent

    The story behind the new ‘Solace’ scent. Take at look at our inspiration palette and how it influenced the creation.

  • Our Muse…

    Lisa is part Hosted Home owner, part Virtual Assistant and part searcher for balance, but a full time extraordinary woman.
    Collingwood in the heart of vibrant Melbourne is where her magic happens and we wanted to find out what makes her place so inspiring.

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