‘Sonder’ Eau de Parfum


A feminine fable; an antidote to life’s shallowness 




Blacks, Chocolate browns and vibrant pockets of glowing amber

Smells like

Traces of a fireplace alive at midnight. The collected sillage of a room full of ‘old money’.

Feels like

The glow of the amber glows. A party at midnight.

Sounds like

Crackling of a distant fireplace. A room full of glamour, shoulder-to-shoulder clinking whiskey glasses and the gentle collective hum of energy surrounding you.

Scent Journey

Beginning:     Birch Tar, Whiskey accord

Middle:          Amber, Rosewood, Bois d’ Esence

Ending:         Labdanum Resinoid

Pair it with

Seasonal Sample Set


Usage: spray over body, on pulse points or onto your fabrics in your home.


Additional information

100ml, 10ml, 30ml

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